Saying Goodbye

Starting off in college has been needless to say rough. With many hardships, and distractions this first semester has been quite the obstacle. I can say ive just about defeated this beast  however. UGSTjour has definatley been a great asset to my long journey. Ive taken away many things, if I could only choose one though it would be the networking skills. Networking will help me out in my future endeavors to find employers and people of interest. Not only have I took away many skills, but I have also learned many lessons like making calls and setting up interviews. Ive grown into a real college kid, and with all these skills and lessons. Im finally learning to be fully independent, and how to make the most use of my time. Still there are things to be learned, but I will come around to dealing with them. UGST has definatley helped though, I am definatley glad I took this class and would not change it anyway. The next step is to take to basic courses that I am thinking of majoring in and onward from there.

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I am an active part of team efforts. I like to “get shit done” in the spot in the best way possible for my group. No dilly dally, and no worrying about petty thing. I’m willing to make sacrifices if it means for the better of my group. You could say I’m the Shane from “The Walking Dead” of my group. (just without the craziness).

Our RTN group is going smoothly so far, with a bump here or there. Jenna is in a bit of a bind but we’re helping her out and we have a quota to meet, that we’ve set for each other, to get our work done before the due date. So in general, I’m not to worried about it.

The Methods I like to use to communicate with my group is ones of dire importance. I like to emphasize how important this project means us and our grade, a scared stiff approach one would say. I also like scheduling meet ups, face to face meetings. I cant stand talking details of a project over the phone.

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Wellness response.

Jenna’s Prezi was professional and to the point. However I thought it was going to be a lot longer seeing as there is much to talk about with substance abuse. The information was laid out and easy to understand. I enjoyed the numerous amount of facts that were in her prezi, however I saw that’s all that was in there were facts, didn’t really reach out to the viewer. I learned a lot about substance abuse, like how costly it is in college life, the turnout rate of people who quit, and ho drugs and alcohol are in the same category as our food supply. This is due to food being substances as well, and we also spend money on drugs and alcohol as we do on food and we take it in to our body such as food.  I liked the myths page, but I thought of them were overshot, such as you have no control if you drink, if you were to have one drink of alcohol and you BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels were low enough, you can very well be in control. And beer has less alcohol than other drinks, well that depends on what the other drinks contain in them really. The help page was nice to have just in case I ever think I beat my kids to hard one evening, kidding. But it was very cool to have that in the presentation. Lastly the video was inspiring and a nice touch. The presentation over all was very nice.

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Stress (review)

We realized in our reaserch of STRESS is that there are many ways of stress and different types. You should manage it as soon as possible before it gets you too frusturated, or sad to where it hurts your school work.

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Strees and what causes it.

Videos good to review however gets kinda boring.

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Stress managment.

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The types of stress and how to manage them.


The dictionary definition of stress is the body’s reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response. The type of stress that usually comes from college students is stress that comes from a person when they are angered, depressed, or frustrated. These can interfere with your school work, time management, and social life. The symptoms are overall irritability, insecurity, nervousness, social withdrawal, loss of appetite, insomnia, migraine, and exhaustion. So it is essential to deal with stress quickly, and in a way that doesn’t harm you or your body.

There are many ways that you can deal with stress, both good and bad ways. Examples of ways that harm your body and are not as likely to help you are anything from consuming illegal drugs (marijuana cocaine, crystal meth, etc.), damaging your body (ex: cutting one’s own wrist), or consuming alcohol (which usually leads to depression). The correct ways of dealing with stress are more likely to help you overcome, and do not harm your body at well. Some great ways to manage stress are to work out, vent to a friend or therapist, humor, or do anything that makes you happy in general like a hot shower, or a nice walk.

Remember that stress can lead to depression which can lead to undesirable or harmful effects which won’t only affect you, but those who care about you. If you have a friend or loved one that is dealing with stress you can help by taking them out somewhere out nice, making them laugh, and plain just making them happy.

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GIF of the day

GIF of the day

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The Money Management Response

Last Wednesday we learned about money management in class, I also won a pig for most currency earned. I learned a numerous amount of things in this session, such as life’s realism. First I must realize that right after college I most likely wont be earning an income of $100,000 a year. But besides class I read chapter 11 and learned to set financial goals. The first step of setting financial goals is to make it realistic goals, nothing in the Donald Trump category. The second is to establish financial priorities. What do I need? what is necessary to my success and well, survival. Last step is to learn how to spend less on crap i definitely do not need. For example, I bought a Frank Sinatra CD yesterday when i could have easily just pirated it. I know pirating is wrong but c’mon, It’s Sinatra baby! Anyways back to the point at hand, the educator in class also helped us learn how to buy necessities. Cal’s necessity was super powers, because that’s what made me rich. 

Anyways that’s about all I learned about Money Management, I’m sure I missed something but that’s about it. OH! and I also won an awesome piggy bank!

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Elevator Speech

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