The Money Management Response

Last Wednesday we learned about money management in class, I also won a pig for most currency earned. I learned a numerous amount of things in this session, such as life’s realism. First I must realize that right after college I most likely wont be earning an income of $100,000 a year. But besides class I read chapter 11 and learned to set financial goals. The first step of setting financial goals is to make it realistic goals, nothing in the Donald Trump category. The second is to establish financial priorities. What do I need? what is necessary to my success and well, survival. Last step is to learn how to spend less on crap i definitely do not need. For example, I bought a Frank Sinatra CD yesterday when i could have easily just pirated it. I know pirating is wrong but c’mon, It’s Sinatra baby! Anyways back to the point at hand, the educator in class also helped us learn how to buy necessities. Cal’s necessity was super powers, because that’s what made me rich. 

Anyways that’s about all I learned about Money Management, I’m sure I missed something but that’s about it. OH! and I also won an awesome piggy bank!

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