Wellness response.

Jenna’s Prezi was professional and to the point. However I thought it was going to be a lot longer seeing as there is much to talk about with substance abuse. The information was laid out and easy to understand. I enjoyed the numerous amount of facts that were in her prezi, however I saw that’s all that was in there were facts, didn’t really reach out to the viewer. I learned a lot about substance abuse, like how costly it is in college life, the turnout rate of people who quit, and ho drugs and alcohol are in the same category as our food supply. This is due to food being substances as well, and we also spend money on drugs and alcohol as we do on food and we take it in to our body such as food.  I liked the myths page, but I thought of them were overshot, such as you have no control if you drink, if you were to have one drink of alcohol and you BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels were low enough, you can very well be in control. And beer has less alcohol than other drinks, well that depends on what the other drinks contain in them really. The help page was nice to have just in case I ever think I beat my kids to hard one evening, kidding. But it was very cool to have that in the presentation. Lastly the video was inspiring and a nice touch. The presentation over all was very nice.

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