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I am an active part of team efforts. I like to “get shit done” in the spot in the best way possible for my group. No dilly dally, and no worrying about petty thing. I’m willing to make sacrifices if it means for the better of my group. You could say I’m the Shane from “The Walking Dead” of my group. (just without the craziness).

Our RTN group is going smoothly so far, with a bump here or there. Jenna is in a bit of a bind but we’re helping her out and we have a quota to meet, that we’ve set for each other, to get our work done before the due date. So in general, I’m not to worried about it.

The Methods I like to use to communicate with my group is ones of dire importance. I like to emphasize how important this project means us and our grade, a scared stiff approach one would say. I also like scheduling meet ups, face to face meetings. I cant stand talking details of a project over the phone.

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